Clay Spirit Studio Artworks

Clay Spirit Studio is a two person studio. All work is designed and executed by John Rymer and Kevin Ritter.

The lettering and design are pressed and carved into a slab of clay, color and glaze applied, then twice fired in a kiln to about 2000 degrees .

An optional hand painted rustic wooden spool is added for additional visual interest.

Color placement will vary unless specific colors are requested, each one is handmade so natural variations will occur from piece to piece.

There are quite a few sign makers out there but we worked with American Sign Letters for help, the shop was extremely accommodating since we had such a detailed project request.

This body of work began with us going through a difficult time, both professionally and personally, and needing to see inspirational messages that would encourage us to sometimes just get through the day. We made a few tiles that were meaningful to us and hung them where we could see them in our studio work space and quite unexpectedly, others saw them and wanted them as well. We began making them for friends and the demand grew, until now, they have taken over our production life entirely. We are happy to offer these tiles and hope that the positive messages will inspire others as they have us.